About Us

As newly-weds ourselves, we understand how demanding wedding preparations can be and how important it is to you that your wedding preparations and the big day itself run really smoothly. We strive to make our involvement in your wedding a pleasure and light relief; something to really enjoy and an avenue to express yourselves. We have a relaxed, friendly style and we tailor our lessons and/or performances to suit your personalities and the result you want to achieve.

We started dancing in 2003. It was something we both fancied doing so we looked up local classes on the internet. Not really aware of the different dance styles available, we chose Modern Jive and turned up at the weekly Tuesday night classes in Crownhill. From our first lesson, we were hooked and couldn't wait for the next set of moves we'd be learning the following week. From there, we expanded our intake of classes by heading further afield to Exeter and then to dance weekends and whole weeks of dance around the country. In 2005, we started teaching for Plymouth Jive Club. We also choreographed and taught routines that were performed at the club socials. It was at the bigger events we attended nationwide that our eyes were opened to the array of different dance styles out there. Unlike other dancers who, proficient in their chosen style, feel inhibited starting a new dance because they don't feel comfortable being the beginner again, we relished in trying out new things and over the years enrolled in Salsa classes and Ballroom courses and eventually discovered our true passion: Swing Dancing.

As there were no regular swing classes in the Plymouth area we didn't get into swing properly until 2006 when we spent a year travelling and working in Australia. On our return, brimming with enthusiasm, we set up our own local classes under the banner Mad About Swing. A single weekly class soon grew to three, then five and now, with a couple of our attendees running classes on our behalf, Mad About Swing offers seven weekly classes, a monthly social and a host of workshops and other special events.

Having built a successful and continually growing swing dance scene in Plymouth, we're still as passionate about dancing as ever. We feel very fortunate that the people we attract to our classes are so friendly, fascinating and supportive. We're extremely proud of our dancers and love the fact that we have the privilege of being able to host regular local dances with our own crowd rather than having to travel to get our swing fix elsewhere.

The further you progress with dancing, the more you realise how much more there is to learn. We're continually inspired, and our passion ignited, by leading dancers, both past and present. We attend regular workshops and events around the world and revel in learning from, and working with, a diverse range of people.

Despite the dedication we have for dancing we do have day jobs too. Duncan is a Primary School Teacher and Louise is a Project Manager and team supervisor. When we're not dancing, there's nothing we enjoy more than eating out accompanied by a delicious bottle of wine. We also enjoy entertaining at home, music, travelling and our beautiful local countryside.